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                      ABOUT US

                      The strong ceramic, creating perfect life! 



                      Foshan city, the strong ceramics co., LTD is located in "China ceramic capital" - foshan city, guangdong province, is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in one of modern ceramics enterprise. With strong production strength, the company owns international advanced sacmi press, super long wide-body kiln, three-dimensional roller printing machine and 3 d digital color ink-jet printing machine and so on more than one domestic first-class production equipment, annual production capacity is stable. Products include all glazed ceramic, ceramic tile, polished tile, etc on the market sell like hot cakes products, product specifications and diverse, suitable for different decoration specifications need to be. 


                      As a large ceramic production enterprise, for seiko, focused, harmonious idea, lapping of contemporary Italy, Spain and other countries ceramic innovative design concepts and advanced technology, to create a more suitable for modern building decoration needs of ceramic products. 


                      Companies pay more attention to their own technological innovation, set up independent research and development department, and all the year round with top ceramic experts and institutions at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation, constantly, has won a number of technology patents, with a number of high quality products for our customers. Products are widely used in star-rated hotels, apartments, villa in the municipal engineering, facilities and other key projects, won the customer widespread praise. 


                      "Perfect life" brand image unceasingly thorough popular feeling, to the "product + services" business ideas in today's development in China ceramic, is increasingly strong brand power and value of the show was born. 

                      Foshan Shiqiang ceramic tile Co. Ltd. copyright   Technology: ZHUNDU.NET

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